Clothes are not optional in the majority of urban united states. Unfortunately. therefore you must pack them for your travels. What you pack depends on a variety of different things.

If you venture to a warm climate, shorts and skirts might be more appropriate. as would sandles.

whereas a cold climate you will need warmer clothes to wear lots of layers. Layers are the key, big imobile coats wont do you justice. You can improvise layers with newspaper, or anything that can puff out your clothing. This is not about fashion. If you are into fashion, dont become homeless. As all your clothes must serve some purpose.

From a friend..."If you're just road tripping, only take a few changes of clothes and LOTS of underwear and socks.  I learned this when I backpacked around Europe a little.  Unless you get really dirty, clothes can last you several days without having to be washed.  Underwear is another story...

Also, if you want room in your suitcase or backpack for souviners or whatever, pack your oldest, most worn out underwear and socks.  Then as you wear them, throw them out.  Instant room!" - starving_artist

Clothes should be durable, lightweight, warm, dry, match your situation or character (see the food section) in case you have to look a certain way to be someplace, and clean as much so as possible, cause again, nobody likes a smelly bum.) ((except my friend lilac. she seems to find them exoticly attractive.))

When packing clothes, the best space saving way to pack them is to roll them up. This method not only saves you space in your pack, but also keeps them relatively wrinkle free

Clothes can double as napkins, bandages, satchels, rope, weapons, life jackets, shelter, and several other things depending. So chose your clothes wisely.

You can find clothes in several places, but the best place is donation centers. These can be churches, goodwills, shelters, etc. Dumpsters turn out their fair share of clothing, as do lost and found departments. Dont be afraid to take some more clothes and switch out your wardrobe whenever feasible. You can always change your wardrobe in a goodwill. leave your old clothes and change into new ones. then put your old ones back on a rack so as to not look suspicious.

Some people steal clothes, but there really is no need to. They can be found for realitively cheap, or free in multitudes of places. Thrift stores and army navy stores are the best though. and be sure to check their donation bins during off hours. You will be supprised how much you can obtain this way. The signs generally say please do not leave clothes out front or outside bins during non-buisness hours, and therefore its not stealing. its cleaning up after ignorant people.

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